6th September 2017
Henry Munro and the
United Irishmen

History author and descendent of Henry Munro, John Bradbury, will give an account of Munro’s involvement in this movement. He will give an overview of the movement, describing the situation in Belfast and Lisburn at the time.

4th October 2017
Celebrated Citizens from In
and Around Belfast

Historian Stephen Goss will talk about individuals who were either distinguished or famous in their time, but are now largely forgotten.

1st November 2017
Flowers at the Frontline – in the Second World War
Frances Green talks of the welfare provision - and flowers! - arranged by her mother with the Red Cross St.John Ambulance, at home and overseas.



6th December 2017
The Golden Age of the Music Hall, 1880-1928

Local historian and author, Norman Weatherall, will place special emphasis on Belfast in this talk which includes original recordings of artistes.

3rd January 2018
Ballymacarrett – a Local
History Talk
Prolific author and charity fund-raiser, Aiden Campbell BEM, will take a walk down memory lane, looking at people, churches, industry and shops in his talk which is illustrated with old photographs from the past.

7th February 2018
The Ladies, Letters and Life of Brigadier Nelson Russell
Keith Haines, a former history teacher and Archivist at Campbell College, will recall the teenage years, the military service and career, and the post-Army years of Nelson Russell (1897-1971), who is closely linked with Lisburn.

7th March 2018
Clifton House
Louise Canavan, archivist for the Belfast Charitable Society, will outline the history of the building established in 1774 as the Original Poor House.

4th April 2018
Annual General Meeting followed by 'C.S. Lewis and World War 1'
This talk outlines the story of the impact of WW1 on the life of C S Lewis and his wartime friend EFC Moore. It is presented by Sandy Smith, formerly a lecturer at the University of Ulster, Schools Inspector and latterly Director General of the International Fund for Ireland. Sandy is the author of C.S. Lewis and the Island of his Birth.

2nd May 2018
Annual Dinner
7.30 pm. Venue to be announced.

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