5th September 2018
Victorian Memories
Stephanie Lavery will “bring to life” the working day of a house maid in the Victorian era.

3rd October 2018
Sir Crawford McCullagh
Biographer Susan Cunningham, will tell us about her great-grandfather who became the longest serving Lord Mayor in the United Kingdom, guiding Belfast through both World Wars and helping to create its commercial centre.

7th November 2018
The Donegal Spitfire
Jonny McNee will give a talk describing the fascinating events behind his discovery and excavation in 2011 of Pilot Officer Roland ‘Bud’ Wolfe’s Spitfire P8074 from deep beneath the peat on the Glenshinny mountain, Inishowen Peninsula, Co Donegal.




5th December 2018
Christmas Miscellany
After our seasonal refreshments, LHS members will read a selection of Christmas themed news items of the past and poems, interspersed with live musical performances by Hayley and Tim Howe.

9th January 2019
The Memorial Monuments of Lisburn Cathedral
An on-site presentation by Gordon Galloway, parishioner and researcher, in collaboration with Lisburn Museum.

6th February 2019
Kings, Queens and Genes: Problems in Royal Families
Dr. Brian Wisdom: The theme of Brian’s talk is essentially that the ‘bones and stones’ of archaeology is now extended by analyses of DNA.

6th March 2019
Pre-Plantation Lisburn: the search for a medieval origin
Researcher Aaron McIntyre’s talk is based on his original research for his undergraduate dissertation in archaeology.

3rd April 2019
Annual General Meeting followed by No Money: All Charms”: Jane Austen’s Nieces in Ireland.
Author and Jane Austen expert, Dr. Sophia Hillan, will tell of May, Lou and Cass Knight and their extraordinary journey from the ordered world of Regency England to the turbulent upheaval of nineteenth-century Ireland.

1st May 2019
Annual Dinner
7.30 pm. Venue to be announced.

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