7th September 2016
The Silent Valley – the
complete story

Civil Engineer and author, Dr. Phil Donald, will relate the story of the building of the Silent Valley Reservoir from its inception in 1891 to its completion in 1933.

5th October 2016
The Brontes – the Irish connection
Bronte Society member, Dr. Robert Logan, will talk about the Irish influences which shaped the Bronte novelists.

2nd November 2016
Revealing a New Story: The Archaeology of Dunluce Castle, Town and Gardens
Dunluce Project Archaeologist, Andrew Gault, will describe the recent archaeological findings which have contributed to a better understanding of the history of the settlement.


7th December 2016
Punjana Tea – from tea bush to tea cup

Ross Thompson, Director of Punjana Ltd. reveals his family's passion for tea, and the 120 year journey of Northern Ireland's favourite brew, from tea bush to tea cup.

4th January 2017
Malone Airport - Civil aviation in Northern Ireland in the 1920s & 1930s
Aviation history expert, Guy Warner, will describe the aircraft, operations and developments in this early era of civil aviation, focussing on the nearby former Malone Airport.

1st February 2017
Navigation House and the Lagan Canal
Brenda Turnbull, Chief Officer of the Lagan Canal Restoration Trust, will describe plans for the reopening of the canal and the proposed digital history of the Navigation Project.

1st March 2017
No tolerance of undeserving rank and splendour
G and S enthusiast, Stephen Goss, will present a light-hearted look at the wit and satire of Gilbert & Sullivan.

5th April 2017
Annual General Meeting followed by 'The way we used to shop'
Local Historian and author, Norman Weatherall, will recall the variety and splendour of Belfast’s big shops.

3rd May 2017
Annual Dinner
7.30 pm. Venue to be announced.

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